Endomorph Diet – Finding Your Own Tailored Diet Program!

Hey, this is Ritchie.

First off I would like to wish you a warm welcome to endomorph diet . net

Now, I strongly suggest you read on if you are looking for a customized diet program which is designed for you to lose weight quickly and healthily!

Disclosure/ Disclaimer: I am a firm believer in integrity so please note that if you purchase the Customized Fat Loss program using my links, I will earn a commission as an affiliate at no extra cost to yourselves. Thank you so much for supporting my site! (Please click here to read all of the fine print).

I’m now going to share with you exactly what I learnt about finding a weight loss programme which is customized to your SPECIFIC body type!

As you probably already know, an endomorph tends to:

  • Have a slow metabolism
  • Have fat around the waistline
  • Have a short build and a rounded body shape
  • Have big legs and arms
  • Easily gain fat and are typically overweight

But do you truthfully fit 100% within that category? If the answer is no, then don’t worry because a ton of other people are probably in exactly the same boat as you! (And if the answer is yes, please still read on :))

Most recently, I have learnt the importance of recognising what your SPECIFIC BODY TYPE is in order to maximise your body’s ability to lose weight. Latest research has found that a lot of people will actually fall under a combination of different body types. Each of the below body types – whether a pure endomorph or a partial endomorph – will react differently to various foods:

  • Meso-Endomorph  – Your body type is mainly Mesomorphic with some Endomorph traits
  • Endo – Mesomorph  – Your body type is mainly Endomorphic with some Mesomorph traits
  • Or of course, there is also the possibility that some of you will purely be an Endomorph.

But how do I learn more about these combo-body types and find out what my specific endomorph body type is?

Well, thanks to Kyle Leon’s Customised Fat Loss program you should be able to do precisely this thanks to its comprehensive ‘body type guide’ and its clever ’somatotyping techniques’.                                                                                                                                                           And this program doesn’t stop there because after you have determined what your specific body type is, Customized Fat Loss will then customise achievable diet plans completely around YOU! So unlike the many general weight loss diets out there, this is customised to you and ONLY YOU! Now, this is very important because tailoring the food you eat specifically to your body type should allow for rapid weight loss!

Sounds like what you are looking for?

Well if it does, I have put together a comprehensive overview of Customized Fat Loss just for you which includes everything you need to know about this healthy diet program!

Warning! For the best outcome, Customized Fat Loss will also demand some physical commitment so please only read on if you are willing to put in the necessary effort.

An Overview of Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss

(Price: $47)

Disclosure/ Disclaimer: Again please note that if you decide to purchase the Customized Fat Loss program using my links, I will earn a commission as an affiliate at no extra cost to yourselves. Thank you again for your support. (Please click here to read all of the fine print).

Note: This is an overview, click here if you would like to visit the Customized Fat Loss website.

I briefly touched on this earlier but Customized Fat Loss does what it says on the tin – it’s a comprehensive, 12 week online diet program which is customised to your specific endomorph body type and other important characteristics which are unique to you. The online diet plans you receive are designed for you to lose weight fast, safely and naturally and also for you to retain lean muscle (so a pretty good combination!).

Why did I buy Customized Fat Loss?

Simple! I put a huge amount of trust into this product after watching Kyle Leon’s video on CFL’s official website. His video had some useful weight loss tips and also revealed what I think are some of the best weight loss methods around. So, I believe it really does educate and add value to those who want help losing weight! In a nut shell it explains why it is important to customise nutrition programs to YOUR specific body type, age, weight and so on. In his video, Kyle didn’t actually begin to talk about Customized Fat Loss until the scene was completely set which made me feel confident that I would be purchasing a good product to review as an affiliate.

What is included in the CFL program?

If you wish to learn about some of the main materials included in the CFL package, you will find a useful article just after this post which covers this topic for you.

Is the program easy to use?

I certainly think so! You simply enter your age, weight, height, your number of weight training hours per week and specific body type into your profile and there will be three different diet plans available for you to choose from.

But everything is explained for you within the user friendly manual and its supporting video!

Does Customized Fat Loss actually work?

This program is actually endorsed by a REAL LIFE DOCTOR. And thanks to the positive experiences that this doctor has had with Customized Fat Loss, she is now recommending the product to her patients!

There is also a video testimonial from this doctor on CFL’s official website (a couple of minutes in).  Click here to access the Customized Fat Loss site.


  • In my opinion, CFL is excellent value for money!
  • I also personally think that it is quick and easy for you to identify your specific body type.
  • Not only is the diet program customized to your specific body type but the diet plans are also constructed around your age, weight and height to help maximise your body’s ability to lose fat!
  • The weight loss program is designed to make sure you only shred pure fat and not any of your lean muscle! So the added benefit is that you may eventually look a lot more toned 🙂


  • After purchasing Customized Fat Loss, you should then be presented with a few up-sells. I was a bit surprised as it did come very unexpectedly. Of course, I did not purchase any of those up-sells because I wished to review only the CFL program.
  • Even though Customized Fat Loss is principally a diet program, exercise is also an important element which means that physical commitment will be required if you are aiming to achieve the best results.


If you are looking to find a weight loss diet plan which suits your endomorph body type then it would certainly be worth considering Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss. Overall, I think it is a very comprehensive, well put together system and excellent value for money! And it differs from the many generalised diet plans out there thanks to its clever customizable features which are designed to optimise your weight loss and give you the body that you truly deserve!

Click here to visit Customized Fat Loss’ official website

(Read all of the fine print here.)

Thanks everybody and I hope you enjoyed reading my overview of CFL 🙂

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A Useful Overview of The Customized Fat Loss Program (Part 1)

Hey, this is Ritchie.

Thank you so much everybody for your patience and I am now very excited to present to you the first part of the Customized Fat Loss Overview.

Disclosure/ Disclaimer: I am a firm believer in integrity so please note that if you do purchase the Customized Fat Loss program using my links, I will earn a commission as an affiliate at no extra cost to yourselves. Thank you for supporting my site! (Please click here to read all of the fine print).

So, I have below written an overview of just some of the main materials included in the Customized Fat Loss package. And on top of that, I am receiving regular e-mails to supplement all of these materials which often provide useful tips to lose weight.

The Main Materials Included in the CFL Program 

Somatotyping Guide – This guide explains all of the specific body types in detail which includes some useful images, the typical traits of each body type and the problems associated with each of the body types.

CFL Guide and Supporting Videos – These easy to follow guides will take you by the hand and explain how to accurately use the system to maximise your chances in achieving the best possible results. There is also a very clever somatotyping guide which should allow you to determine which of the endomorph body types you come under.

How to Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide – This is a non-compulsory bonus guide designed as a ‘warm up’ for those who aim to lose weight but are not very familiar with dieting / weight loss programs.

Customized Fat Loss System – This is the actual online, personalised nutrition system which generates the customized diet plans around your endomorph body type, weight, age, height and training regimen. This system will tell you what exact foods to eat, when to eat those foods and in what measurements. Also, the system’s ‘transformation tracker’ allows you to monitor your progress by comparing your actual calorie intake with the recommended intake and also by visually illustrating your gradual weight loss across the 12 week cycle.

CFL Weight / Cardio Training Guide – This guide complements the diet program itself because each training program is tailored to all of the endomorph body types. Also, as explained within the CFL program, the diet plans are likely to work best if they are used in conjunction with the weight training guide provided.

Exercise Demonstration Video Library – These videos will take you step by step on how to develop a good technique for all of the work outs listed in your training program! Because the training guide gets you to exercise to lose weight, it would surely make sense to get the technique right for the most noticeable results.

Click here if you would like to visit the Customized Fat Loss website.


Overall, in my opinion, this program is very extensive and I certainly think it includes everything you NEED to maximise your chances in losing weight quickly and safely. If anything, the package is probably a little too generous as there were bonuses coming out of the woodwork (but hey, we can’t complain :))!

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this taster overview and the main article will follow very shortly.

Thanks everybody and bye for now

(Read all of the fine print here.)

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Hi this is Ritchie,

Just thought I would give you a quick update.

My overview of Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss will be in two parts and I promise you won’t have to wait much longer to see them – I’m about to go on vacation so when I return I will post them onto this site as soon as I can (and I will of course make sure they are of very good quality). I will probably post one slightly before the other but as I said, it won’t be much longer before both of the overviews are added so be sure to keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Thanks everybody and bye for now

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Endomorph Diet – 5 Reasons Why Tailored Diets Succeed

Hey this is Ritchie,

In this short article, I will be writing about the importance of customized endomorph diet programs.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This is for your general information only and should not be treated as any medical or nutritional advice. If you intend to seek any medical or nutritional advice, please contact a doctor or trained personnel. (Please click here to read all of the fine print).

First off, when you think about it, it does makes sense that one of the best weight loss methods around is to tailor a diet plan to your specific endomorph body type because obviously the foods you eat will be customized to your own physical needs! 1

So without further ado, here are the 5 important reasons why customized weight loss diets tend to succeed:

  • Each body type has different nutritional needs and so meeting those needs with a customized diet plan should lead to fast weight loss1. For instance, E-How suggests that an effective endomorph diet will be high in fibre, will incorporate lean protein and will be low in fat.2
  • The rate at which calories are burnt varies between different body types. So a customized diet plan which applies weight loss meals to suit an endomorph’s physical traits should lead to a boost in metabolism and therefore weight loss! 1
  • Customized diet plans should give you better motivation to lose weight than any of the generic weight loss programs. This is simply because you will be giving your own specific body the nutrients it naturally needs therefore allowing for quicker, more noticeable results which should keep your motivation alive  (also customized plans are generally healthy diets to follow because the body is being given exactly what it needs). It is also said that customized diets are typically much easier to stay committed to:  Of course, a generic diet plan may advise you to consume nutrients which are not naturally suited to your endomorphic body type, hence why it is sometimes easy to lose motivation with those kinds of diets. 3
  • On the subject of the diet program itself- a good diet program should help you accurately determine what your exact body type is because by doing this, you will be ensuring that the foods you eat truly are suited to your physical characteristics. A good diet program should also advise on the quantity of food which needs to be consumed and at what times of the day as this will help maximise your weight loss! 1
  • In addition to customizing a diet around one’s body type, diet plans which are also customized around other important factors are surely the diets which are likely to be the most successful. For example, diets which also cater for age are generally effective because research has actually shown that a person’s metabolism changes in alignment with a person’s age.1 So a diet plan which is customized to both your age and endomorphic body type should allow for rapid weight loss. 1

Now, I have actually found a customized program which moulds its nutrition plans around a person’s endomorphic body type and their age. So be sure to revisit this site soon because I will be posting a comprehensive overview just for you which will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting program!

(Read all of the fine print here).

Bye for now


1 Kyle Leon’s Doctor Endorsed CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS. URL:   http://www.customizedfatloss.com/freefoodinfo.php?hop=0

Endomorphs Diet. URL: http://www.ehow.com/facts_7320493_endomorphs-diet.html

3 One-Size-Fits-All Diets Don’t Work. URL: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2006/03/18/one-size-fits-all-diets-dont-work.aspx



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